Aslynn Rose, Professional Handler
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Cambria's Whiskey Mac, CDX, WAC 9/18/01 - 5/4/11
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"I have to thank Aslynn for all the love that she gives our Journey. We have never sent a dog with a handler but found when we moved to Texas it became necessary for us to do so. This was a heart wrenching decision but I have to say that my dog gets to travel with someone that truly loves her, sleeps in a motorhome with time out on the couch and bed for loving, gets exercised as well as playtime with her travel mates. I would never send my dog any other way and I am extremely grateful for everything that Aslynn does for us and especially for our Journey girl. I would recommend Aslynn to anyone for any breed, looking for a good handler that will treat your dog as you would at home."

-Lori Masse
Memore Danes

"I do want you to know that I think you're a fantastic handler! You always do such a nice job of showing the dogs, but beyond that you're able to connect with the dogs so that they "want" to show for you. That's a gift. Thank you so much for showing Lyric.

-Marlene Strandt

.you did a *wonderful job* this week. I appreciate that you really give the dog your full attention, and I think that you do everything possible to make the dog look good for the judge, and also to make a good impression on the judge yourself. I appreciate that you are warm and affectionate with the RRs and they respond well to that. I appreciate that you were so excited when Bo won!!! And I especially appreciate that you are willing to work with us and to teach us. So thank you for all of that.

Lynette Criddle
African Legends Rhodesian Ridgebacks have a deep passion for animals in general and dogs in particular. You are a very attractive lady who has presence in the ring and athleticism to handle the fastest moving dogs. You have a way with animals, I can tell. I truly believe you have a great future ahead as a professional handler.

Rod Humphries
Bikila Dobermans

I really appreciate all the help you've given me with Prycee. I wouldn't send her out with just anyone :) You are special.

Karen Orth
Kabush Rhodesian Ridgebacks

I just wanted to thank Aslynn publicly for showing my 17 month old brindle mastiff puppy in Corpus and getting two BOB's this weekend. I was tickled to see her in the group ring. She is my first show dog and our first BOBs so we're THRILLED! I cannot wait to get the professional photos!

Giselle Nevada