Aslynn Rose, Professional Handler
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Cambria's Whiskey Mac, CDX, WAC 9/18/01 - 5/4/11
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Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2024

(for all classes including sweeps)

Carried by Me:

0-10 lbs $100
11-25 lbs $100
26-100 lbs $100
101-200lbs $125
201 and above $150

Ringside Drop*:

0-10 lbs $100
11-25 lbs $100
26-100 lbs $100
101-200lbs $125
201 and above $150
Specialty Shows:
Regional Specialty $150
National Specialty $450
Eukanuba/Westminster $500

Boarding(Dogs I am showing)
Per day

All coat types:
0-10 lbs $10
11-100 lbs $15
101-200 lbs $25

Boarding(Non show dogs)
Per day

All coat types:
All dogs $35


Pomeranians (bath/blow out, and trim) $20
Hairless Breed Shaving (bath/blow out, and trim) $10
Drop Coated Breeds (bath/blow out) (bath/blow out, and trim) $15
De-matting $50

(Does not apply to ringside drop)

All Dogs Carried 25 cents per mile

Dog Transport
(Non client dogs. Does not include overnight stay.)

Within TX $100
Beyond TX $150**
Overnight $35

* Ringside Drop: Dog is groomed and trained for the show ring. Dog presented to handler either at handler's set up or at ring. Additional charges will be assessed for any needed grooming.

**Percent of gas or $150, whichever is higher.

Rates subject to change without notice.



All dogs will be shown by me except when circumstances arise beyond my control, in which case I will be replaced by another competent handler of my choice. Regular fees will apply in either case. Priority is based on when I started handling the dog in question and how often I show the dog.


Jane arranged for Aslynn to start showing her Pomeranian, Fluffy, in March, 2006. Mary arranged for Aslynn to start showing her Mastiff, Duke, in July, 2007. Much to Aslynn's dismay, Onofrio scheduled Mastiffs and Poms both at 8:00 am on Saturday at the Sasquatch Kennel Club show. Because Fluffy became a client earlier than Duke, Fluffy has PRIORITY. Aslynn will find another professional handler she knows and trusts (who also loves and cares for client dogs, and who absolutely does not use harsh methods) to show Duke. Conversely, if Duke is shown by Aslynn every weekend and Fluffy is shown once every six months Duke will get priority over Fluffy. Both Jane and Mary will pay Aslynn the regular handling fee.

Additionally, dogs carried by me to shows will always get priority over ringside drops, and specials usually get priority over class dogs.

In VERY rare, special cases priority *may* be altered, but only if all parties agree. Jane, Mary, and Aslynn would all have to agree before any change would occur.

Priority is used by ALL professional handlers. Some handlers who carry many dogs have paid assistants who cover their many ring conflicts. Because I carry a limited number of dogs, allowing me to give special attention to all, I do not generally have a paid assistant. I do, however, have many pro-handler friends with whom I trade favors.

If you do not understand how Priority works please contact me immediately. Part of my job is to help my clients understand the Dog Show World. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

*All names other than Aslynn's have been changed to protect the guilty!